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Window Caulking Service in Melbourne - Exterior Window Caulking Repair

IB Caulking is the Caulking company you can trust. Give us a call on 0415 417 367 to discuss your commercial and residential house caulking needs.

At IB Caulking we have a wide range of experience to suit all of your caulking needs. Caulking around window and door frames is extremely important for the well being of our property. When installing new windows, proper caulking means you will not have any air leaks or gaps and prevents water from leaking through.

Water leaks can cause wood rot, create breeding grounds for mould and bacteria and damage the structural integrity of your house.

Air leaks mean the warm or cool air from inside your home can easily escape, skyrocketing your heating and cooling bills. Especially during the cold Melbourne winters, and the extremely hot Australian heatwaves. Nobody wants their cooled air escaping through their window frames, so we provide high attention to detail with a neat and clean finish.

Our professional caulking services offer a comprehensive service, that we hope you will be happy with. Our fine and detailed work and outstanding service has given us many great customer reviews, which you can see on our website testimonials, so you know with IB Caulking you are choosing the right caulking contractor for the job.

We are willing to service anywhere from large commercial buildings to small family homes. Whether you are installing new windows or replacing unsightly silicone that has become damaged, we will ensure to use the correct caulk to reduce unnecessary damage in the future, remove any remaining mould, conduct any silicon repairs, or any other interior caulking or exterior caulking needs.

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    Why Choose IB Caulking?

    At IB Caulking our team of expert caulking contractors are dedicated to providing our customers with a service they will be happy with.

    • We use only the best caulking and sealant materials in our work
    • We keep all the different materials we may need on hand, so we are always ready for all of our caulking services
    • We offer the best prices for caulking in Melbourne
    • We arrive on time and work fast
    • We have years of experience in the building industry
    • We aim for 100% customer satisfaction

    Window Caulking Service

    As a small business operating in Melbourne, we value the satisfaction of our commercial and residential clients, so we do our best to develop economical caulking solutions, so our caulking services don’t empty your wallet.

    At IB Caulking, we stock many specialised caulks, so we are always prepared for any caulking work that may arise.

    We stock a wide range of caulks and the highest quality sealants, such as silicone caulking, mortar caulk, acrylic caulk, butyl rubber caulk, acrylic latex caulk and specific bathroom and kitchen caulk with a built-in mildew fighter so we always have the correct caulking supplies for the job.

    Give our team at IB Caulking a call today 0415 417 367.

    Our Services

    At IB Caulking, we offer services to suit all of your caulking needs. We aim to keep our prices low without compromising quality because we want very happy clients.

    Other than window caulking services, we offer other services in nearly all aspects of caulking and waterproofing so you can choose the most suitable service for your internal and external caulking needs.

    Other services we offer include (but are not limited to):

    • Kitchens
    • Skirting Boards
    • Brick expansion joints
    • Ceramic and porcelain tiling grouting
    • Restoration services
    • Aluminium panels sealed
    • Floor boards Tilt panels
    • Bathrooms
    • Epoxy Flooring
    • Repairing and replacing
    • existing caulking
    • Construction joints
    • Brick and stone work

    For any queries about our services, contact our caulking specialists today on 0415 417 367.