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Residential Caulking Services in Melbourne - Exterior Home Caulkers

Whether you want to make sure that your home is protected from water leaks, lower your energy bills by better insulating the house or replace old and unsightly caulking, IB Caulking has you covered.

As a comprehensive residential caulking service in Melbourne, we ensure that you have access to the best internal and external caulking possible. Renovations, new builds, or even just caulking replacement – we can tackle them all. We have a range of caulk and equipment available for each job, allowing us to select the right ones for the job. Whatever caulking you need inside and outside the home, we’re happy to help.

We have extensive knowledge of the field, and always complete a job with high quality workmanship that we can be proud of.

Common Residential Caulking Needs

There are many areas that need caulking within your home. Wet areas that typically contain a lot of moisture such as your bathroom or kitchen can be prone to water leaks that can lead to damage. Even minor leaks can cause more damage than it seems.

Specifically areas such as where fittings connect to counters, or around a shower recess or bath can be common problem areas. Also, areas such as window frames or between the skirting board and wall/flooring.

These areas will likely be sealed during the building process, but it is important to keep this caulking maintained as a means of preventing leaks. Caulking is often used as a way of hiding gaps and ensuring a professional and seamless finish on any fresh renovations or new builds.

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    Our Services

    Our professional caulking services are available to residential clients from Melbourne, and are designed so you can rest assured that you choose the right caulking contractor. Some services we provide include:

    • Interior caulking services
    • Exterior caulking services
    • Removing tiles
    • Bathroom re-grouting
    • Removing and repairing damaged silicone
    • Waterproof sealing around the sink, countertops, tiles, and other kitchen services
    • Kitchen and bath caulk
    • Tile repair, removal and regrouting
    • Skirting boards
    • Window and door frames
    • Joint sealing
    • Expansion joints/construction joints/sealing joints
    • Roof sealant
    • Epoxy flooring
    • Swimming pool caulking and sealing
    • Timber floors
    Our skilled workmanship and professional services ensure that all of your Melbourne caulking needs will be met. If there is anything not on this list contact us and we are sure our caulking specialists can come to a solution to suit your needs.

    At IB Caulking, we stock many specialised caulks, so we are always prepared for any caulking work that may arise. We stock a wide range of caulks, such as silicone caulk, mortar caulk, acrylic caulk, butyl rubber caulk, acrylic latex caulk and specific bathroom and kitchen caulk with a built in mildew fighter so we always have the correct caulk for the job.

    For more information about our professional caulking services, give us a call on 0415 417 367.

    Why Choose IB Caulking?

    At IB Caulking our team of expert caulking contractors are dedicated to providing our customers with a service they will be happy with.

    Residential Caulking Services

    • We use only the best caulking and sealant materials in our work
    • We keep all the different materials we may need on hand, so we are always ready for all of our caulking services
    • We offer the best prices for caulking in Melbourne
    • We arrive on time and work fast
    • We have years of experience in the industry

    We are a leading caulking company, and our priority is the satisfaction of our commercial and residential clients. As a small locally operated company, we understand and consider the needs of our clients for all of our residential and commercial caulking and sealing services.

    Give our team at IB Caulking a call today 0415 417 367 for economical caulking solutions.