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Kitchen Caulking Repair in Melbourne - Sink & Chimney Caulker Services

Whether you’re building a new kitchen, doing renovations, or just need to replace old caulking, our specialists will be able to deliver the best results. For the best work on your sink, tile, countertop and backsplash, you can count on our team.

With our kitchen caulking service, you can rest assured that your wet areas will be correctly and completely sealed. We take a methodological approach to our work, ensuring we don’t miss a single spot and that our caulking is clean, tidy and smooth.

Why is Caulking Your Kitchen Important?

Caulking creates a watertight seal between your sinks, faucets and counters, preventing unnecessary damage, mildew and mould buildup. Caulking in areas such as around your kitchen sinks create a seal and fills any gaps that there may be present around the rim of the sink and the kitchen surfaces, or around the edges of the installed fittings.

Maintaining Existing Caulk

Old caulk can deteriorate and begin to mold over time. Often with the correct maintenance, you will not have to replace all existing silicone or caulk, and at IB Caulking we can come to a solution to protect your kitchen and your home. Old caulk can also crack as it deteriorates or if it is applied incorrectly. For a professional and smooth finish, it is best to consult our professional teal.

It is recommended that you regularly clean your caulk to stop bacteria buildup and growth. If there is mould or bacteria growth, a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water, or a mix of hydrogen peroxide and bleach can be used to kill any mould or bacteria.

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    Mouldy Caulking

    Mouldy caulking can be a sign that water and moisture is getting somewhere it should not be, and a new seal may be needed.

    Occasionally this mould can be cleaned and removed with bleach, but if there is still remaining mould on the caulk it is a good idea to have the caulking replaced to ensure there is an adequate waterproof seal present, at IB Caulking we use high-quality sanitary grade silicone caulking products to prevent further issues and allow for a seamless finish.

    Give us a call at IB Caulking and we will be able to assess if it can be treated or if we need to replace the sealant entirely. Regardless, at IB Caulking our professional team will provide a quality service to suit all of your needs.

    Kitchen Sink Caulking Repair

    Why Choose IB Caulking for Your Caulking Needs?

    At IB Caulking we are dedicated to providing our customers with a service they will be happy with.

    • We use only the best caulking and sealant materials in our work
    • We offer the best prices for caulking in Melbourne
    • We arrive on time and work fast
    • We have years of experience in the industry
    • We aim for 100% customer satisfaction

    Our Services

    Typical services we provide around kitchen caulking include:

    • Waterproof sealing around the sink, countertops, tiles, and other kitchen services
    • Caulking kitchen sinks and fittings.
    • Tile repair, removal and regrouting

    Feel free to explore our website for information on other service areas such as exterior areas, skirting boards, bathroom, stone and brick work, commercial, residential, construction sites.

    Our team of skilled professionals offers a wide range of caulking services to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s bathroom caulking repair to prevent leaks and maintain hygiene, chimney caulking repair to ensure a safe home, or commercial caulking contractors for property protection, we’ve got you covered.