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Why Spring Time Is the Best Time for Caulking

A lot of people often wonder when the best time is to get caulking done in and around their homes or buildings. This question usually comes to mind when you notice old caulk start to peel or pull away at the sides, or when you notice a new water leak in washroom areas. The truth is that you can get caulking done at any time of the year. But spring is one of the best times to tend to these types of upgrade and repair projects for various reasons like the following:

The Weather Is Nicer

It is always better to tend to home upgrades and maintenance projects when the weather is nicer. The warmer temperatures and increase in natural sunlight provide longer hours of visual lighting, everyone’s energy levels are much higher, and more sunlight helps products like caulk dry off much quicker. 

Caulk Can Dry Off Quicker

Caulk products, like many other products used for home repairs or upgrades, can take a while to fully dry off. The warmer and sunnier it is, the faster these products will properly dry. This is exactly why caulking projects are often a lot quicker to complete compared to other types of projects. 

Fewer Fumes 

Caulking doesn’t produce as many fumes as products like paint. But these products can cause a strong silicone smell inside buildings. In spring and summer, these fumes are quicker to clear up because caulk dries faster in warmer weather. It is also easier to open up windows so rooms can air when it is nice and warm compared to wintertime when everyone prefers to keep all doors and windows sealed up tight. 

Easier To Spot Leaks

It is often better to tend to caulking tasks during spring compared to winter time because the increase in rainfall makes it easier to spot creaks, cracks, and openings that might cause water leaks. You can easily spot leaky joints and can quickly get them patched up before they cause permanent damage to areas like your roof, ceiling, or bathroom cabinets. 

You Are Going To Do Some Spring Cleaning

All upgrade and repair projects tend to be messy and the best time to deal with messes is when you are already spring cleaning. With many caulking projects, old and brittle caulk first needs to be stripped out of the building before new caulk can be applied. This is a lot of hard work and can end up being messy. Professional caulking companies like IB Caulking always do their best to thoroughly clean up after extracting old caulk and new caulk lines are always professionally installed without creating any leftover marks on surfaces. Despite the extra effort these businesses take to clean up while replacing your caulk, it is still best to take on these projects right before you start spring cleaning.  Doing your spring cleaning right after caulking will reduce your overall workload and can even make it easier to deep clean your building since items like furniture is already moved out of the way.

Avoid Further Damage

If you notice damages in your caulk line then you shouldn’t wait until the next winter to tend to these projects. It is usually much better to tend to repairs quickly or your current caulking issue can end up getting much worse.  Springtime certainly is a good time to get caulking done or to replace old caulk lines that no longer offer the needed protection. Contact IB Caulking right now if you want to get your caulking done or tile regrouting Melbourne quickly and professionally so your home or building can stay protected during spring. 

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